Thursday, 25 June 2015

Tommy Turns 4

It's been awhile, I hardly write these days. Life outside of my writing has taken over, or maybe I just haven't felt inspired to write, not found the words...the desire to express as much as before. I hope to go back to writing more consistently again someday...

Sooo...Tommy turns 4 tomorrow. Such a big boy! My beautiful sensitive blue-eyed little thing. Red cheeks, floppy sand coloured hair, chubby knuckles and scraped knees. So much love in his heart,.."I love you Mami." he tells me over and over and especially first thing in the morning when he cuddles up to us in bed and kisses my hand. And Maia, such a great love of his life.

Still stubborn as you like, still shows us that strong character of his from time to time but the tantrums have long gone and he has become more patient over time. Loving his Montessori school and friends..this boy has matured so much this past year. Happy birthday son. Can't wait to give you the biggest kisses and cuddles tomorrow morning. Feliz cumpleaƱos hijo!!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

New Energies...

A lot of crazy goings on in Chile this year, great big floods in the desert, catastrophic forest fires burning ancient trees down in the cooler south, volcanic eruptions...I read quite a while ago all about the earths Kundalini and how all of it is now shifting from where it used to preside (India, Tibet) and is now moving, or has moved towards the Andes mountains of's as though a lot of special spiritual energy is here in Chile presently, many waking up now...

A lot of old friendships/relationships are being renewed or breaking up..but all for the good, at least that is what I believe.  People I knew and cared about ended up disappointing me but I know it's not about me, it's part of something so much larger and the walking away has actually been easy and refreshing. I genuinely feel more part of problematic situations and friendships...away with the negative....and focusing on the positive, friends I have grown closer to who are simple amazing and I am so grateful for them.  Friends who are honest, trustworthy and tell you how it truly is...
Friends who you vibrate with on the same level.


Monday, 16 March 2015

Emotional Times

Always a turbulent time this time of the year, emotionally more than anything else.  Five years on from the birth of my first born. My confident, independent, loving, free spirited young girl. She is beyond my wildest dreams, beyond my greatest expectations. She is everything and so much more. She is one of the greatest loves of my life. I am so so grateful to have this incredibly compassionate yet strong willed human being in my life. Happy birthday my darling!!

And also five years on from the passing of our sister Corinna. Forever in our hearts. It is still so raw in my heart and has been hard to overcome if one ever truly overcomes it. We miss you so much.

Corinna Saskia Noelle 23/12/1978 - 25/02/2010
With me wherever I go...

Sunday, 22 February 2015

Just Doing Our Best

We only always do our best. Through it all. It may not always seem like the "best" by outsiders, rife with criticisms and judgement but we still carry on nevertheless, in hope that we are trying our utmost to raise the best people they can possibly be.

Being a mother has been the most challenging (yet most rewarding!) "job" I have ever undertaken. It is so damn hard at times though..but you can never give up. I mean, people do...but the majority of us don't. We continue, ploughing through it all, the struggles, the highs, the lows, the crazy responsibility that has been bestowed upon us so suddenly that we almost give up part of ourselves; our identity has become somewhat blurred through the years..the stress and anxiety that parenting small children brings to ones life just another daily emotion that we have grown accustomed to...we can never really sit still and breathe...enjoy the moment.

Those days have long gone. Will they be back? I can only hope so. I can only dream of regaining that lost part of me someday. But until then please remember...we are only every doing the best we possibly can.

Puerto Varas Febrero 2015

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Life is Moving...

Everything is moving so fast. I want to desperately hold on to something, anything just to stay in the moment for a little longer. It is almost the end of another year. A year that we just started, didn't we? The kids are getting so big now. In a way I am relieved, relieved to finally have more time for me as they explore their new found independence. Less tantrums. More sibling interaction than ever before. They don't seem to ever want to be apart. Apart from moments when Maia "wants to play with her dollies..." then shuts the door in her little brothers face. Breaks my heart!

The business is flourishing. I am rarely lacking in clients, happy clients at that and it's great. I feel my heart bursting at the seams. How many people really do get to do what they love?  I'm lucky and I know that..or is it really luck? Don't take those thoughts for granted, they have more power than you think. Gratitude for all that is. Focusing on what you would truly love to do and really going for it! Accepting what you currently have in your life and working with it as best you can.  It's not always plain sailing but who says it's supposed to be? You accept the downs, the falls, the obstacles - but you accept them with grace and positivity. And you carry on walking.  If your heart is in it, truly in it, you will get there.  I've always tried to think that way and most times I've always landed right where I wanted to. Spain, my studies, my first proper job, South America, my soulmate, first job abroad, pregnancy, stay at home mother (a total privilege!!), opening my business....making it successful!!

So..what will be next....well for now we are loving this life, our children, our home, friends and family. But will Chile be our permanent home? We are wondering and questioning much as I love this country...perhaps the time has come for change. To renew this life's experience and head in different directions...where to next? Who knows but I do know it will be amazing wherever we lay our hats. All five of them to be exact. (we miss you Avi).

On to pastures new....


Friday, 5 December 2014

3 and a half already

My boy. He held on to me this morning as we walked to nursery. His little arms wrapped around my neck, playing with my hair and giving me kisses. My little little monkey. Playful and charming. Sensitive and empathetic. "mami, that woman..she is cold..she needs a jacket." he said pointing to a girl walking without much on this foggy cold morning. He notices everything. He feels it all. Intense he is, with an equally intense heart. My boy...3 and a half and growing fast. I hope to still carry you for many more mornings to come like this, close to you. Before you get bigger, stronger and heavier. Time rushes me by. You even dressed yourself this morning. How did that happen?

Loving you!